remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved oneremodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

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remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

When I invited my mother to come and live with my family, we had to make some changes to accommodate her. The changes that needed to be made were all within reason and were all required so that she could get around with her walker and eventually a wheelchair if need be. I hired a remodeling contractor to assist us with making the changes. I learned a lot while discussing what needed to be done and what it would take to get it complete. I created this blog with the hopes of helping other families that are considering making the same changes in their homes.

Kitchen Renovations that Enhance Functionality and Aesthetic Appeal

Are you looking to upgrade your kitchen? A well-designed and functional kitchen can make a world of difference in your daily life. Whether you enjoy cooking, entertaining, or simply spending time with your family, a kitchen that meets your needs and reflects your personal style can enhance the overall functionality and aesthetic appeal of your home. This article delves into several key kitchen renovations that have the potential to transform your space into a functional and visually pleasing environment. Read More 

All-Season Sunrooms: The Perfect Addition To Your Home

You love the warmth and comfort that natural sunlight provides. However, when it comes to your living spaces, excessive sunlight, heat, cold, and pesky insects can make it difficult to enjoy the outdoor views. But what if there was a way you could enjoy the outdoors without dealing with all these troubles? That's where all-season sunrooms come in. A sunroom is an extra space in your home that is made up of glass walls that allow you to enjoy outdoor views, light, and comfort without having to deal with the outdoor elements. Read More 

Navigating the Path to Kitchen Remodeling: Steps to Consider

The first step in any kitchen remodeling project involves identifying specific needs and desires. It's crucial to consider what works and what doesn't in the current kitchen setup. This could involve anything from increasing storage space, improving the layout for better workflow, or simply updating the style to something more modern and appealing. Setting a Budget Once the needs and desires are clear, it's time to set a budget. This should include all aspects of the remodeling project, such as labor costs, materials, appliances, and a contingency for unexpected expenses. Read More 

The Advantages Of Custom Cabinets For Bathrooms

A well-designed bathroom is a sanctuary. It is crucial for the bathroom to be functional, practical, and visually appealing. Besides the appliances and fixtures, bathroom storage is an essential consideration in any bathroom design. Custom cabinetry is an excellent option for homeowners who want to enhance their bathroom's style, functionality, and organization. Here are some of the benefits of custom cabinets for bathrooms and what to consider when designing them. Read More 

A Guide to Bathroom Remodel Services

Remodeling a bathroom can be a daunting task, especially if you’re not familiar with the process. There are many things you should consider when renovating your bathroom, including layout, fixtures, lighting, and more. By taking the time to thoroughly plan your bathroom renovation, you can create a functional and stylish space that will last a lifetime. This ultimate guide walks you through everything you need to know about bathroom remodel services. Read More