remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved oneremodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

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remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

When I invited my mother to come and live with my family, we had to make some changes to accommodate her. The changes that needed to be made were all within reason and were all required so that she could get around with her walker and eventually a wheelchair if need be. I hired a remodeling contractor to assist us with making the changes. I learned a lot while discussing what needed to be done and what it would take to get it complete. I created this blog with the hopes of helping other families that are considering making the same changes in their homes.

Reasons You Should Consider Changing Your Roof's Pitch

Few homeowners think about roof pitch when installing a new roof. Roof pitch is a measurement that determines how slanted your roof is. The importance of your roof's pitch to the safety and functionality of your roof cannot be understated. Here are some reasons you should consider changing your roof's pitch when installing a new roof.

Resistance Against Strong Winds

If you live in an area that experiences high winds, you are better off with a shallow-pitched roof. Steep roofs are vulnerable to the full force of winds because the roofing plane is perpendicular to the direction of the wind.

In this case, consider a shallow roof because it will let winds pass over your house. A roofing contractor will help you establish the right pitch for windy conditions.

Preventing Snow and Ice on the Roof

One reason you should consider switching to a steep roof pitch is to prevent the accumulation of snow, ice, and sleet on your roof. A flat roof promotes the buildup of snow and ice. With a steep roof, the snow and ice slide down and off the top as it melts. 

Too much snow and ice buildup can result in structural damage, and, in severe cases, the roof could collapse. Therefore, if you have a flat roof, consider making it steep when installing new roofing materials. Your roofing contractor will ensure your roof meets the building codes and regulations on the minimum roof pitch in your area.

Adding an Extension or Headroom 

If you plan to expand your house, you must consider the cost of a new roof. It doesn't matter whether you are adding a story or half story; you may need to change your roof's pitch. 

Additionally, if you want more headroom in your house, you must alter the roof's pitch. Perhaps you want to install a vaulted ceiling or raise the ceiling a bit higher. Your roofing contractor will make structural changes, including changing the roof's pitch to accommodate renovations.

Energy Efficiency

Changing your roof's pitch affects your home's heat retention. For example, one reason you should consider changing the pitch of your roof during a new roof installation is to improve heat retention during winter time.

With a low-pitched or flat roof, there is a significant surface area exposed. This means your house will lose its warmth faster than if you have a slanted roof. However, make sure you also consider energy efficiency when choosing the roofing materials you will use for your new roof installation. 

For more info about home roofing services, contact a local company.