remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved oneremodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

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remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

When I invited my mother to come and live with my family, we had to make some changes to accommodate her. The changes that needed to be made were all within reason and were all required so that she could get around with her walker and eventually a wheelchair if need be. I hired a remodeling contractor to assist us with making the changes. I learned a lot while discussing what needed to be done and what it would take to get it complete. I created this blog with the hopes of helping other families that are considering making the same changes in their homes.

Awning Window Questions Answered

Awning windows are common in many different styles of houses. However, new homeowners likely have some common concerns and questions about awning windows that need to be answered.

What Can Be Done To Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Older Awning Windows?

Over the course of time, it is inevitable that windows will gradually lose much of their energy efficiency. This is related to the fact that the window frames will often develop gaps between the frame and the house as well as the window frame and the glass. When your windows start to suffer from this problem, it can lower the energy efficiency of your home by allowing drafts to influence the interior temperature of the house. You might be able to mitigate this problem through the use of weather stripping. This is essentially a series of plastic strips that are placed over the areas of the window that are more likely to allow drafts. By replacing the weather stripping of your awning windows every few years, you can ensure that it functions as effectively as possible to prevent drafts.

If You Need To Replace Your Awning Windows, What Is A Low-Maintenance Option?

Eventually you will need to replace the windows of your home as they will gradually degrade. After owning a home for several years, you may be wanting to find ways to reduce the maintenance for the structure. By opting for replacement awning windows that are made of vinyl, you can eliminate the need to paint the window frames and treat them to prevent insects and rot. For homeowners that are concerned about the vinyl looking synthetic and cheap, it is possible to use textured vinyl. This type of vinyl can be made to closely resemble the look and feel of various natural woods, which can make it possible to match the vinyl windows to almost any home's building materials.

Can Storm Windows Be Added To Awning Windows?

Homeowners that live in areas that frequently experience severe weather need to take steps to reduce the risk of their windows breaking. Broken windows can allow substantial water damage to occur, but there are some homeowners that assume the design of awning windows make them incompatible with storm windows. Luckily, it is still possible to use storm windows, but you will need to use interior storm windows. This type of storm window attaches to the awning windows from the interior, and this is necessary due to the fact that awning windows are designed to open outward. While these storm windows will not prevent the awning window from breaking, they will stop moisture damage from striking your home's interior.

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