remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved oneremodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

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remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

When I invited my mother to come and live with my family, we had to make some changes to accommodate her. The changes that needed to be made were all within reason and were all required so that she could get around with her walker and eventually a wheelchair if need be. I hired a remodeling contractor to assist us with making the changes. I learned a lot while discussing what needed to be done and what it would take to get it complete. I created this blog with the hopes of helping other families that are considering making the same changes in their homes.

2 Ways Fire Doors Keep You Safer Inside Of Your Home

A great way to increase the fire safety of your home is by changing out the regular wood doors that you use inside of your home. Fire doors can provide you and your family with an additional layer of protection should a fire ever break out inside of your home. Here are two advantages.

Smoke Protection

Most interior doors, such as the ones leading into your bedroom, are designed with space around them at the top and bottom. If you examine your existing bedroom doors, you'll see that there is a couple inches of space from the bottom of your door to the floor. There may also be small amounts of space around the sides and top of the door as well. This helps make the door light and easy to use.

However, if a fire were to ever break out in your home, all that space around your interior door will allow smoke to make its way under and around the door and into the bedroom or other room that the door was protecting. Smoke can be stealthier than fire and even more deadly. It can be difficult to realize that you are breathing in smoke in your sleep.

The best way to ensure that smoke doesn't make its way through your interior doors is by installing fire doors. Fire doors are created to seal completely with the door frame. There is no space around fire doors for smoke to sneak into your bedroom. With a fire door, you will never be surprised in your sleep by smoke from a fire. Fire doors will keep you safe from the deadly smoke that accompanies most fires.

Heat Protection

Most regular interior doors are made out of painted wood. Your regular door is only going to withstand the fire to a certain point, and then it is going to catch on fire and burn like the other materials inside of your house. A regular interior door can protect you from fire for a while, but eventually it is going to give way.

Fire doors, unlike regular interior doors, are made to stand up to high temperatures, which means that they can handle the heat from a hot house fire. They are able to withstand high temperatures because the material they are made out of has a high melting point, which means that they are able to be exposed to extreme heat for an extended period of time without becoming compromised. If a fire were to break out, you and your family would be safe behind a fire door until you were able to escape or until help reaches your family.

Keep your family safe by swapping out your regular interior doors, especially those used for your bedrooms, with fire doors that will provide you and your family with smoke and heat protection. For more information and to install fire doors in your home, work with a contractor like Zoom Construction LLC.