remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved oneremodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

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remodeling to acommodate an elderly loved one

When I invited my mother to come and live with my family, we had to make some changes to accommodate her. The changes that needed to be made were all within reason and were all required so that she could get around with her walker and eventually a wheelchair if need be. I hired a remodeling contractor to assist us with making the changes. I learned a lot while discussing what needed to be done and what it would take to get it complete. I created this blog with the hopes of helping other families that are considering making the same changes in their homes.

Three Master Bathroom Remodeling Ideas To Increase Functionality

Your master bathroom is meant to be relaxing and stylish; however, it also needs to be highly functional. If your bathroom is lacking in this area – don't fret. There are a number of remodeling ideas you can incorporate into your space to add a heightened level of functionality to your master bathroom.

Incorporate Dual Purpose Designs

An excellent way to increase functionality is to make additions with a dual purpose in mind. For example, that full-length mirror you want to install on the wall can also serve as a door to a built-in wall storage system. This addition allows you to have full body viewing, while also having a neat and convenient storage option.

With dual purpose design ideas, the overall goal is to incorporate ideas that can help you perform multiple tasks. This type of mindset is especially beneficial when you are only working with a small amount of space.

Utilize Low Maintenance Surfaces

Another important part of functionality is ease of use. Try to steer clear of surfaces that require a great deal of effort to maintain, such as glass shower doors. A lot of homeowners like to incorporate glass around their shower area because of its modern look and openness. However, it can be an almost constant struggle to keep the glass clean.

Why not consider a shower style that doesn't require an enclosure? With an enclosure-free shower, there isn't a door between the shower and the rest of the bathroom. To keep water in, the floor and the drain are generally designed on a slope. An enclosure-free shower doesn't just come along with less work to maintain; it can also make accessing the shower easier. Keep low maintenance in mind with other surfaces as well, including the floor and countertops.

Choose An Alternative Fixture Design

Think about a non-traditional fixture design. Traditionally, homeowners choose faucets that are mounted to the sink. However, this can introduce a number of concerns that you may not have even thought of. First, if your vanity is low, this may mean that you have to bend over just to adjust the faucet. This isn't just bothersome, but if you have to adjust the faucet frequently, it can strain your back.

Secondly, depending on the design of the fixtures, they can take up valuable countertop space. Wall-mounted faucets offer a solution. Since the faucet is installed on the wall it can be installed at a higher level, making it easier to access and they also free up countertop space that you can use for storage or some other purpose.   

A remodeling expert like RJ Hamilton Remodeling can help you incorporate these ideas, as well as a host of other design concepts to make your master bathroom the functional space you've always dreamed of. With their expertise and creativity and your wish list, you can completely transform your space.